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Financing Options

Our prices are competitive and often lower than other companies that also exclusively offer tier-one solar products. We offer clients financing and cash solutions so they don’t have to face financial stress to switch to solar. We help homeowners save money and own their power with our Clean Energy Swap Program. Instead of paying your dirty energy utility company every month, we simply swap your payments to your solar panels at about the same or lower cost.

Electricity is no longer an expense but is now a monthly investment into the value of your home.

Put An End To Your Monthly Utility Bill

Own Your Power

When was the last time your utility company received your consent to raise your electricity rates? No longer be responsible for rising utility rates by owing a clean source of energy production.

Save Money

On average, cash buyers see a return on investment in 8 years. Homeowners also finance their solar system, swapping their utility expense with a monthly investment. Both solutions provide tens of thousands in savings throughout the lifespan of the system.

Tax Incentive

If you qualify, 30% of your solar system is covered by a federal tax credit through the Inflation Reduction Act. The State of Wisconsin also offers a $500-$1,000 rebate through Focus On Energy.

  • Cash – Cash is the most cost-effective way to purchase a solar system. You can avoid interest rates, decrease your payback time (ROI), and increase your instant savings.
  • Greenpenny – Residential and commercial solar project financing, up to 100% of your new solar electric systems, with no money down with a fixed interest rate. No hassle automatic payments, no annual membership fees, no prepayment penalty. Greenpenny is a virtual and carbon-neutral bank dedicated to financing a sustainable tomorrow, powered by employee-owned Decorah Bank & Trust in NE Iowa. Visit their website here:
  • Home improvement loan or HELOCS – Solar improves the value of your home tremendously as much as 65% of the value of your solar system, and by law will not increase your property tax. Most customers seeking financing find that refinancing or a home improvement line of credit will be the lowest interest rate option for almost any homeowner.
  • Short-term financing from your local financial institution – Lenders that you currently have a relationship with can often provide the best rate on a short-term credit purchase (i.e., buying a car or installing a garage or new windows in your home). Solar-specific loans are unique and still not mainstream, but talk to your local lender about available options in your area.

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For residential owners who are looking to invest in renewable energy, Array Energy provides cost-effective, customer-oriented, and tier-one solar products and services because every homeowner should have access to invest in solar products that are affordable and efficient.

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