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Residential Solar Panels

Our vision is to empower homes with sustainable energy production. Our customers save money owning their electricity with solar.

Put An End To Your Monthly Utility Bill

Own Your Power

When was the last time your utility company received your consent to raise your electricity rates? No longer be responsible for rising utility rates by owing a clean source of energy production.

Raise Home Value

Solar is an asset, not a liability. Add up to 10% of your home value without an increase in property tax. Homes with solar sell for more and faster than those without.

Tax Incentive

If you qualify, 30% of your solar system is covered by a federal tax credit through the Inflation Reduction Act. The State of Wisconsin also offers a $500-$1,000 rebate through Focus On Energy.

Sell Your Energy

With a grid-tied solar system, your utility company will buy back the extra energy your household doesn't consume. Doing so builds credit on your utility account to offset your consumption. This process is called Net Energy Metering.

Save Money

On average, cash buyers see a return on investment in 8 years. Homeowners also finance their solar system, swapping their utility expense with a monthly investment. Both solutions provide tens of thousands in savings throughout the lifespan of the system.


In one hour, the Earth receives enough sunlight to power the electricity needs of every human being for a year. No longer consume the utility company's dirty energy by choosing a cleaner alternative.

Get a Free Custom Report

To get started with your switch, we will produce a Free Custom Report to determine your best energy options. Reports include:

  • Your 25-Year Do Nothing Cost
  • Amount of money you’ll save by making the switch
  • Custom solar panel design on your roof or ground
  • Your Usage Chart- Explaining your energy consumption and production
  • Federal & State Incentives applicable to your system
  • Warranties Provided
Get A Free Custom Report

Clean Energy Swap Program

Our prices are competitive and often lower than other companies that also exclusively offer tier-one solar products. We offer clients financing and cash solutions so they don’t have to face financial stress to switch to solar. We help homeowners save money and own their power with our Clean Energy Swap Program. Instead of paying your dirty energy utility company every month, we simply swap your payments to your solar panels at about the same or lower cost.

Electricity is no longer an expense but is now a monthly investment into the value of your home.

Tier-1 Products

All of our equipment is top-of-the-line and above the industry standard. We also offer excellent and generous warranties for all of our equipment. Our clients can trust the quality of our products and have confidence they are receiving only the best in the industry.


Additional Services

EV Charging

All the major automakers have intentions of offering EVs in the next decade. Double up on your solar investment by replacing your utility AND fuel bills.


Is your roof old or in poor shape? Array offers roof repair and replacement services before solar installation.

Ground Mount

Ground mounts are a great alternative to a roof mount; potentially allowing for more production and a faster return on investment.

Tree Maintenance

Some homeowners want to add solar to their homes but are concerned about tree shading. Array offers tree trimming and removal to optimize solar production.

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For residential owners who are looking to invest in renewable energy, Array Energy provides cost-effective, customer-oriented, and tier-one solar products and services because every homeowner should have access to invest in solar products that are affordable and efficient.

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